Robin Write and Melanie Belmonte: Femme Filmmakers Festival 2019 is a resounding success.

Femme Filmmakers Festival 2019 (from 20th to 29th September) definitely is being a resounding success. Melanie Belmonte, General Delegate and Member of the International Femme Filmmakers Festival Organizing Committee 2019, wants to thank everyone who took part in the Festival this year, particularly , Robin Write -Director of Festival- for great work done.

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Firstly, thank you to Melanie Belmonte, the Femme Filmmakers Festival Delegate, who was a huge part of selecting these films. And boy, was it tough. Finding just 20 short films for the official selection from countless, excellent films was tricky business.

So, as well as those 20 shorts, speed across the 10 days of the online festival, are 23 feature films and a bunch of out of competition shorts. Our plan is, of course, to showcase all of these films – be it with streaming info, reviews, interviews, podcast appearances and discussions, extensive promotional activities etc.

Take at look at what’s on offer, and make sure your diary is clear from 20th to 29th September.

By ROBIN WRITE | Femme Filmmakers Festival Director

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